Blue Flower


Name Nikola

QTH Trebinje, Republic of Serpska, BIH and Obrenovac, Serbia

Locator JN92ER

I'm interested mainly in digital modes and data transmission at high frequencies but I love to do RTTY and PSK, CW....

My profession is RF, and of course a hobby and love.

Since the advent of WiFi devices I've done a lot of connections to 13,6,3 cm on the ham frequencies and is now trying to get the module for 70cm and 13cm compatible with Mikrotik OS

 I am also interested in the SHF and frequencies over 18GHz, antennas, illuminators, filters, diplexers, LORAWAN, IOT ...

 I am employed in the company "JKP Toplovod Obrenovac" as IT engineer. Before that i worked in "Beogrid net" , Totalkom Net and "RTS Radio Television Serbia"

 Basically you can find me on the main repeater Leotar 145.650

 I am a member of the radio club Trebinje




73 de E73SN sk